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By far the most advanced and easiest to use turkey call ever made. Features include a unique volume/tone adjustment knob that allows the hunter to adjust volume higher and lower to compensate for the gobbler's ever changing distance. Lowering the volume makes the gobbler believe that the sound is… [more]

A-Way Black Magic Diaphragm Turkey Call

Greg's favorite call for contest and woods. It's a four reed call with a diamond cut on the end producing the perfect blend of rasp and tone for the most authentic sounding yelps, clucks, cuts and cackles. Our diaphragm calls are made of aluminum frames so that they can be bent to fit perfectly in… [more]

A-Way Double Trouble turkey Box Call

This is our custom made double sided box call. It is the Greg Abbas signature series. These calls are personally tuned by Greg for ultimate sound quality. No call gets his authentic signature until it meets the high standards of his ears. This call looks and sounds like no other box call you've… [more]

A-Way Raspy "Ol Cutter Diaphragm Turkey Call

An advanced triple reed that duplicates the old boss hen's raspy yelps, clucks, cuts and cackles. This is our raspiest call. Our diaphragm calls are made of aluminum frames so that they can be bent to fit perfectly in your mouth. [more]


The Purple Heart Box Call is a higher pitched sweet sounding call that is designed to reach out and "Touch 'Em". Because this attractive call is made of Purple Heart and Mahogany hardwoods, it can really get loud and excels in long range calling and hilly terrain. It's higher frequency is designed… [more]

A-Way Premium Grade Turkey Call Chalk

Our premium grade red chalk is 100% OIL FREE which means it will not soak into your wooden turkey call and damage it. Most importantly it is a softer chalk, and sticks to your call longer between chalkings than regular harder chalks, giving you more hunting time and less down time. Our chalk keeps… [more]

6 Results