Cousins Tackle... truly great rods, blanks, lures, skirts and hoochies

Cousins rods - the best rod on the waterCousins Rods, made by Wade Cunningham and Bill Buchanan and crew, are simply the best rods made anywhere. Every component selection and every process is guided by one simple philosophy, "What is the absolute best way I can build this rod?" Capt. David Bacon personally recommends Cousins rods and reminds you that when you go tuna fishing, Tuna Cousins are hot trolling lures.

For custom rods, why not start with the best blanks available? Buy a Cousins blank to perfectly match the kind of fishing you want to build a rod for. Hook, Line & Sinker fishing center builds custom rods to your specifications and Couins blanks are our favorite base to build upon.

If you were only allowed to bring one skirted trolling lure on a tuna or billfish trip, make it a Tuna Cousin. The quality of the materials, the vibrant colors and precision patterns, the shape and weight of these trolling lures put them ten steps ahead of any competitor. This is the lure to fish with confidence.

Hook, Line & Sinker fishing center partners with Cousins Tackle to offer custom hoochy or tuna trolling lure patterns to help you become the finesse fisher with the uniquely productive lure, whether you're after salmon or tuna or even billfish. You describe it and we'll create it!  Minimums are only 20 pieces.