Slay them with a Vague custom-wrapped fishing rod

When you need a great fishing rod that stands out from the rest and gets noticed:

Have a talk with Capt. Tiffany Vague about your needs for the right blank, guides, style of wrap, colors, name and accessories. Capt. Vague puts a lifetime of fishing knowledge into her work and knows what you need even if you just tell her, "I'm going long range for big bluefin and yellowfin so I need a rail rod. Set me up!" Or... "I'm going bounce-balling for halibut... surf fishing for halibut... yo-yoing for yellowtail... river fishing for steelhead... casting for striped bass... targeting tournament-winning largemouth... river monsters! Whatever your needs, A Vague rod can do it with style and performance. These are guts & glory rods.

Original artwork by Capt. Dave Bacon (Tiffany's brother) who is an air ambulance pilot flying Leer jets and saving lives.

Like weaves?  Capt. Vague is the wildest weaver in the west and can turn your idea into reality

Put a Vague rod to work for you and tame the fishy beast!

Vague rods begin with the absolute best-quality blanks including Cousins, Calstar, Seeker. Then guides are carefully selected to match the task, then accessories are selected and decisions made whether it should have a reel seat or be a jig stick, rail rod or stand-up, then colors and designs for the weave or wrap. Want your name or boat name? Need a set of matching rods for your sportfisher? Capt. Vague can put quality gear in your quiver.

Vague Rods in Our Catalog

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Vague rods are custom-wrapped, quality fishing rods by Capt. Tiffany Vague ...