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Hook, Line & Sinker fishing center Surf/inshore pre-tied Carolina rig
Armed with a handful of pre-tied Carolina rigs, you'll be fishing the surf or inshore waters, rather than spending your time tying up rigs as fast as they get busted off by fish or structure. Hook, Line & Sinker fishing center's pre-tied leaders are made with 15lb high-quality mono line, utilizing San Diego Jam knots (which generally wins the knot-pulling contests) to a barrel swivel on one end and a hook on the other.
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Stock a handful of pre-tied, 2-hook, double-dropper loop leaders and you're ready to spend your time fishing, rather than tying leaders. Great for fishing the beach or piers or when heading offshore to go bottom-fishing. These rigs are hand-tied by the professionals at Hook, Line & Sinker fishing center.
Lead Masters 5-hook squid catcher rig
5-kook squid catcher rigs from Lead Masters help you load up on market squid for bait or calamari. Every boat should have some of these aboard when targeting halibut, white seabass, lingcod and rockfish. Capt. David Bacon says, "I've caught hundreds of squid on one of these rigs, so I know they are made well." These rigs have glow beads, so they work well in deeper water, too.
Lead Masters Shark leader - steel
$9.95 - $10.55
Shark leaders with steel braid line and heavy hooks, from Lead Masters is just what the fishing doctor ordered to handle big sharks. Just tie on, balloon off (if desired), bait up and let out line. Then wait to hook up with a shark so big you might be thinking, "We need a bigger boat!"
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