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Squid lures and rigs

Lead Masters 5-hook squid catcher rig
5-kook squid catcher rigs from Lead Masters help you load up on market squid for bait or calamari. Every boat should have some of these aboard when targeting halibut, white seabass, lingcod and rockfish. Capt. David Bacon says, "I've caught hundreds of squid on one of these rigs, so I know they are made well." These rigs have glow beads, so they work well in deeper water, too.
Lead Masters Squid jig
$7.95 - $18.99
Squid jigs by Lead Masters drop deep fast, and glow once they get there, attracting savage attention from squid ranging from market squid to giant Humboldt Squid.
Lead Masters Chain Reaction - hoochy daisy chain
Chain Reaction - hoochy daisy chains by Lead Masters create a compelling visual effect, when trolling, of a baitball or swimming squid. The straggler with the hook is the one that usually gets bit. Capt. David Bacon says, "It is rarely wise to be a straggler in nature!"
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