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SW Grubs,Shads & Softbaits

Berkley Gulp!® Grub
Ideal on jigs or as a trailer. Favorite for all SW species when targeting big fish. Proven tail action design swims under all conditions.
Berkley Gulp!®
Rig as is or like a live crab. Made of biodegradable, natural ingredients. Looks, feels & smells like live peeler crab.
Berkley Gulp!® Sandworm
Looks and feels like natural cut sandworms. Rig and fish like live bait - longer lasting and durable. Disperses natural scent that attracts fish.
Berkley Gulp!® Ghost Shrimp
Lifelike detail imitates natural prey. Assorted colors to match a variety of fishing conditions. More durability than live bait.3"
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