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How Hook Line & Sinker serves YOU!

Hook, Line & Sinker - Santa Barbara, CaShop local  in-person or with a local feel on-line. Hook, Line & Sinker is a storefront with a website, rather than a website slitting the throats of storefronts.

We have sportfishing captains and guides, master "gunnies" and tons of content for your education and entertainment.. We've got it all in-store and also bring tons of valuable content here to our website for your benefit and we ask that you support us by shopping with us. Deal?

Besides fishing gear and bait, come to us for custom rods, rod repair, reel repair, gunsmithing, gun cleaning, scope mounting, archery and archery fitting, arrow building and see Santa Barbara Safes for your guns and valuables. FREE GROUND SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $150 *Some restrictions apply

See our instore services and Meet the staff!

FEATURED BRANDS: Lingslayer, WaveWalker Charters, Santa Barbara Safes, Stack-on, Kustom Kraft, Cousins Tackle, Tady jigs, Salas jigs, Berkley, Rapala, Lucky Craft, Big Hammer, G Loomis, Seeker, Calstar,, Avet, Shimano, Penn, Shimano, Daiwa.

Slay them with a Vague custom-wrapped fishing rod!

Vague Custom Wrapped Fishing Rods - Learn More!Vague rods begin with the absolute best-quality blanks including Cousins, Calstar, Seeker. Then guides are carefully selected to match the task, then accessories are selected and decisions made whether it shlould have a reel seat or be a jig stick, rail rod or stand-up, then colors and designs for the wrap.

Want your name or boat name? Need a set of matching rods for your sportfisher? Capt. Vague can put quality gear in your quiver.

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Lingslayer is an exclusive at Hook, Line & Shooter

Lingslayer has proven itself to be the hottest lingcod lure on this planet!LINGSLAYER was developed by Capt. David Bacon aboard his charter boat, WaveWalker. Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine ranked it as the #1 lingcod lure. Custom twin tails of various colors add magic.

EFFECTIVE TECHNIQUES: Drop the Lingslayer to the rocks below and lift it up 1 to 2 feet. Jig it up and down twice, lower the rod tip and wait 3 seconds, jig it again twice and repeat the process until a raging "lingasaur" tries to yank you right off the boat!




We carry Cousins rods - finest rods anywhere

Cousins - finest rods on this planet!

Capt. David Bacon says, "Once I fished with a Cousins rod, I knew I had the best rod on this plant!"Cousins Rods, made by Wade Cunningham and Bill Buchanan and crew, are simply the best rods made anywhere. Every component selection and every process is guided by one simple philosophy, "What is the absolute best way I can build this rod?" Capt. David Bacon personally uses and recommends Cousins rods, whether you're fishilg ultra-light at high country streams for golden trout, the big saltwater for monster billfish, or anywhere in between.

 When you drop back trolling lures for tuna, dorado or billfish, Tuna Cousins are the hot choice when the stakes are high and you really need a fish. Made to run just under the surface and made with skirt material that feels and looks just right, Cousins trolling  lures come in a wide variety of sizes and colors that run the gamut of dark and drab to pure white and also vibrantly colorful in every fishy pattern a predator might want to chow down on!

We Carry Daiwa Fishing Reels!

We carry Daiwa fishing reels!
Daiwa is one of the most renowned manufacturers of fishing reels for good reason. Their reels are strong, durable and quick enough to catch the fastest fish. Learn about the company with the fastest reels in the East.